Chrome Now Blocks Dodgy Ads

Brainwave Communications Ltd.

Online advertising is broken. Pop-ups cover half your screen and won’t go away and autoplay videos blare marketing jingles, driving us to install ad blockers, cutting into publishers’ revenue. With no solution in sight, Google is taking matters into its own hands, launching a filter in the Chrome browser to punish sites for excessive use of the most irritating ads.

The filter — which lands in Chrome today — isn’t an ad blocker. You’ll still see ads and be tracked via cookies, unlike if you install more robust third-party add-ons such as Adblock Plus or uBlock. Instead, Chrome is only removing ads from websites that don’t meet standards laid out by the Coalition for Better Ads, of which Google is a founding member and has a seat on the board. The setting is on by default but it is possible to opt-out.

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