Differently Like Minded


Brainwave is where quiet souls collide with the unapologetically outspoken, giving rise to a balanced space where laughter, family and fantastic ideas thrive. These principles bind us in our uniqueness.


to know us is to love us

Our brand building ethos goes a little something like this, ‘Ain’t no brand big enough. Ain’t no product small enough. Ain’t no client far enough. To keep us from breaking creative boundaries.’

We are a local, solutions oriented Communications Agency with a clear understanding of the market. Our work is our inspiration meaning you are our inspiration, our valued partner. With integrity in our hearts, great ideas on our minds and love for our craft we aim to creatively please.

We are a member of ICOM, the world’s largest independent network of advertising and marketing communications agencies as well as the Association of Practitioners in Advertising (APA).

Here, everybody has a chance to be somebody. Our diversely gifted team is focused on turning your brand from something to everything. That is… a great brand that knows just what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

we are one...

we avocados...

we resist the usual...

Fashion killas...

we craft solutions...

Here to slay...

Experience is our game...

Laugh machine...

We like to move it, move it...


We think, speak, drink in a medley of colour and sound. We’re passionately proud about the things we do and it shows in how we do them. We’re dedicated to the creative cause.

  • a snuggle a day

    The Purpose: To create widespread awareness

    Our Big Idea: Clothes so snug, it feels like a hug

    The Story: Led by the Gental Care Fabric Softener Mascots, we reached out to people by doing good deeds for them. This was in line with the brand’s claim ‘forever caring’

  • vroom Vrroooomm

    The Purpose: To drive Shell V-Power’s retail growth

    Our Big Idea: Performance that excites

    The Story: We positioned Shell V-Power as the go-to fuel for the lovers of life. As the fuel with an edge, it speaks to those who strive to live extraordinary lives. Through Shell V-Power, we shared stories of adventure, excitement and connectedness

  • more than one way to Jam

    The Purpose: To re-introduce people to Zesta Jam

    Our Big Idea: Jam it Up!

    The Story: By pairing Zesta Jam with local breakfast/snacktime foods, we showed the product’s versatility. For added compatibility, we ‘jammified’ each food by creating exciting ‘jamtastic’ food names and characters

  • we do this for Africa

    The Purpose: To highlight Rodwell Press’ glow-in-the-dark ink

    Our Big Idea: Africa by impression

    The Story: We tapped into our rich African culture and showcased strong portraitures that accentuated our traditional beauty markings

  • one flight closer to the melody

    The Purpose: To develop a strong brand, South African Airways, and sustain high brand visibility

    Our Big Idea: The joy of jazz

    The Story: If the jazz genre could have a look, it would be a funky kaleidoscope of colour and culture. We did just this while aligning SAA’s promise of joyful experiences at the festival and beyond

  • flour power

    The Purpose: To develop a strong brand and sustain high brand visibility

    Our Big Idea: The flour that does more

    The Story: We created an exciting integrated campaign that highlights Ajab Wheat Flour’s value for money thus making it the flour of choice

  • a love made to last

    The Purpose: To increase uptake of Kenya Orient's cellphone cover

    Our Big Idea: The Great Love Affair

    The Story: By showing the great sense of loss we feel just at the thought of not being close to our mobile ‘partners’, we encouraged consideration and uptake

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