What Does ‘Best’ Really Mean?

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It seems fairly straightforward. When people set out to shop for an item or service, they hope to end up with the best possible outcome. But it turns out that “the best” isn’t an objective absolute. In fact, finding “the best” isn’t necessarily about finding the best thing that exists, it’s about finding the best thing for your needs.

How has online research changed the quest for the best?

With so many options and so much information online, consumers increasingly can and have to make decisions based on differences beyond quality, price, and basic features. The deciding factor is often personal criteria for that product and how it solves their individual needs. Convenience, for example, can enter the “best” equation. One person might be swayed by product features, whereas another won’t.

“I don’t care if a vacuum cleaner has a light on the front or an automatic cord winder. The best one for me is best at picking up pet hair.”

That’s not to say price and quality aren’t part of the picture. But how they fit in depends on the shopper.

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