Samsung Takes an ‘Ingenious’ Shot at Apple

Brainwave Communications Ltd.

Brand wars are a tradition that has been going on for ages and often involve big brands trying to outwit each other: BMW vs. Audi, McDonald’s vs. Burger King, Apple vs. Samsung, Pepsi vs. CocaCola, just to name a few. It usually ends up being a show of creative and comical prowess. LOL!

In July, Samsung US released a series on YouTube titled ‘Ingenius’, comprising nine short 30-second ads taking shots at Apple. In these videos, Samsung poked fun at some of Apple’s features (or lack thereof) on their flagship phones (like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X), such as dongles, expandable storage, multitasking and the infamous notch.

The ‘dongle’ ad, which was one of the 3rd one to air in the series, criticises Apple’s decision to omit the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of a better waterproof rating. See it for yourself!

To watch the full playlist, visit Samsung US on YouTube