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  • Thursday, 30 Aug 2018

    Generation Z are the new Influencers

    How did a group of middle schoolers, high schoolers and college kids attain so much spending influence on a wallet not belonging to them?
  • Thursday, 02 Aug 2018

    The Future of Mobile Video Advertising

    What will the space look like for mobile video advertising for 2018 and going forward? How will everything look in 2019, 2020 and beyond?
  • Monday, 30 Jul 2018

    Internet for Rural Communities

    Kenya is set to use Alphabet Inc’s system of balloons to help bring the internet to some of the East Africa nation’s rural communities, according to a report by Reuters.
  • Monday, 02 Jul 2018

    Taking the World Cup Beyond the TV Screen

    The World Cup has become an event that not only spans cultures but spans screens. With content at their fingertips, fans are becoming super fans.
  • Monday, 18 Jun 2018

    Examples of ‘dadvertising’ at its finest

    Source: Adweek Here are a few brands that had some fun with Father’s Day. KFC The fast food-brand has released a spot advertising the KFC Bucket Bjorn. “The ergonomic carrier keeps KFC close to your heart,” according to a statement. The KFC Bucket Bjorn is not suitable for actual human children, but you can stuff […]